The Rotary Club of Woodland, in partnership with the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, held the annual "Pedal the Pinchot" bicycle ride to raise money for Forest and community projects. Four separate rides near Mount St. Helens -- two road and two mountain bike -- scheduled between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. All rides began and ended at Swift Forest Camp, 17 miles east of Cougar, Washington.

Rides varied from:

  • 30-mile moderate road biking (over 1,000-foot elevation gain) to Lower Falls,
  • 88 miles of intense climbing (over 8,200-foot elevation gain) to Windy Ridge for road bikers who love the challenge of climbing to the edge of Mount St. Helens,
  • 32 miles of moderate mountain biking (over 1,000-foot elevation gain) on the Lewis River Trail to Lower Falls, or
  • 49 miles of EXTREMELY difficult mountain biking to Windy Ridge (over 5,000-foot elevation gain).

"This ride should be a Northwest classic," "What an incredible challenge to climb over 8,200 feet on the road bike route to Windy Ridge," and "Every mountain bike rider that wants an incredible challenge should ride the 49-mile loop to Windy Ridge--it's a crime that every mountain bike hard-core enthusiast doesn't know about this ride!" "The waterfalls and forest views on the Lewis River trail are beautiful--what a great way to experience the outdoors." These are just a few of the comments riders shared after completing the event in the last couple of years.

The registration fee includes a t-shirt, food at rest stops, hot lunch served by the Rotary Club, and support on the ride. The monument pass recreation fee normally required at some viewpoints on Forest Road 99 were included.