A big WELCOME to Paula Carter, Rotary Club of Woodland's International Exchange Student for the 2014-2015 school year.  Paula is visiting us from her home in Santiago, Metropolitana, Chile.  We look forward to a fun year and getting to know you! 
Paula is celebrating her 17th birthday this month while beginning her Exchange in Woodland.  Paula's father, Marcelo, is in the printing business.  Paul's mother, Marcia works with Paula's father as a graphic designer.  Paula has an older brother, Diego, an older sister, Daniella, and a younger sister, MaIgnacia.  Paula's parents tell us Paula is a mature young lady with a positive attitude, lots of energy, a great sense of humor, and she loves to spend time with friends, cook, read, and water ski.   We are pleased and happy you have arrived safely and look forward to the time we'll get to spend with you during your stay! 
Paula with her brother, younger sister, father, elder sister, and mother. 
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